M12 connector 4 pin Vs 5 pin Vs 8 pin


M12 connectors are one of the most efficient in actuating systems and sensors. Manufacturers create multiple types of connectors and divide them according to cable codes or pin configurations. All pin configurations are incompatible with all cable codes and vice versa. Different pin configurations are suitable for specific conditions and applications. Some of the famous pin configurations: m12 4 pin connectors, m12 5 pin connectors, and connector m12 8 pin are discussed below.

M12 4 pin connector 

There are many kinds of m12 4 pin connectors in different cable codes, which include A coded, B coded, C coded, and D coded connectors. These connectors also allow male and female connections, which means it can accept any connection. The connectors enable connecting at a right angle and straight connections. Moreover, they have many applications and are available in different forms.

  • Prewired m12 4 pin connector is also known as 4 pins M12 cable. They have many applications all around the world. The A coded connector is a common feature in the automation industry. C coded cables are used in AC power supplies, while D coded cables are for high-speed data transmission. The T and L coded m12 4 pin connectors are commonly found in DC power supplies.
  • M12 Field wire able 4 pin connectors are helpful in areas that require small installations. Their plastic shell is cheap, and the metal cable is a more robust version of the connector.
  • The panel mount m12 4 pin connector is another popular form of the 4 pin connector whose intense; flush THR solder is very efficient in industrial applications.

M12 5 pin connector

The 5 pin m12 connector is very famous in industrial applications. The connector offers 5 connections of both male and female types which helps simplify circuits and allows multiple pathways, which helps in faster data transmission. The connector is available in various cable codes such as A, B, C, K, L, and M coded connectors. They offer 3 phase power connection, however, they can only connect at 240V voltage and allows a maximum current of 4 A. The 5 pin m12 connector has many different applications and forms.

  • The molded 5 pin m12 connector has superior heat, corrosion, and wear resistance. Towline and robot cables are the highest-performing forms of molded cable as they offer flexibility and have premium wear resistance.
  • The bulkhead connector with a 5-pin configuration is available in both male and female connections with internal and external threading.

M12 8 pin connector

The connector m12 8 pin is a special M12 connector that uses thread coupling along with 8 contacts to function effectively. The connector is available in various cable codes such as A, X, and Y coded connectors. These connectors are standard features in industrial applications such as the automation industry. Other applications include ethernet cables and DC power supplies. The connector m12 8 pins structure is streamlined to provide fast data transmission through cables.

  • Molded connector m12 8 pin, also known as prewired 8 pin M12 cable’s molding material, is made of PVC or PA66. The structure of the connector is very diverse as it uses many sorts of metal, such as nickel locking nuts and stainless steel outer. It offers both male and female outputs and is a cheap yet effective option that is a very fruitful trait in industrial applications.
  • M12 8 pin splitters are another popular form of connector m12 8 pin. The splitter is available in many codes and is suitable for industrial applications.


All of the contacts above numbers are fruitful in their domain. The m12 4 pin connector is standard in power supplies due to its ability to transfer data at high speeds, while the 5 pin m12 connector can resist harsh conditions. The connector m12 8 pin is a standard pin configuration in applications requiring high-speed data transfer.