How Industrial Connectors Archive High Waterproof Performance?


In outdoor or highly humid environments, the use of connectors without waterproof capabilities can lead to short circuits, damage, and render equipment unusable. Therefore, it is essential to select industrial waterproof connectors with higher and more reliable waterproof ratings for such environments.

Shine Industry Electric’s YM series, including different sizes such as M12 and M8, offers power connectors, multi-core and RJ45 signal connectors, as well as USB data connectors. These connectors feature precise waterproof structural design and provide high waterproof performance with IP65/IP67/IP68 ratings. As a result, they are widely used in water-immersed or highly humid environments.

Interpretation of Connector Protection Ratings:

To understand the waterproof performance of aviation plug connectors, it is crucial to comprehend the meaning of the waterproof rating “IP6X.” The first digit, 6, represents the level of protection against solid foreign objects and indicates the prevention of dust ingress. The second digit, represented by “X,” specifies the level of protection against water ingress. A higher number indicates better waterproof performance.

For example, IP67 offers better waterproof performance than IP65. The common waterproof ratings for industrial connectors include IP65, IP67, and IP68.

IP65 protection is required for connectors used in environments with dust or rain exposure. IP67 protection is necessary for products exposed to short-term immersion, long-term humidity, and condensation. IP68 protection is required for products that may come into contact with high-pressure or high-temperature water.

How does Shine Industry YM Achieve High Waterproof Performance?

Shine Industry Electric, as a professional manufacturer of industrial waterproof connectors, has deep technical expertise in ensuring connector reliability. Each aviation plug connector from Shine Industry Electric exhibits excellent waterproof performance. Let’s explore how Shine Industry Electric’s YM series achieves high waterproofing.

Comprehensive and tight waterproof structural design:

The YM series waterproof connectors from Shine Industry Electric feature a comprehensive multi-layer and multi-channel tight waterproof structural design. The socket and housing utilize an end-face sealing structure, the plug and socket employ an end-face sealing structure, and the plug and cable use a side-sealing structure.

During the design process, factors such as sealing compression, rubber’s resistance to heat, cold, weather, and oil, as well as rubber’s compression and tensile properties, are considered. Appropriate thickness of silicone sealing rings is used to achieve optimal results.

Internal automatic dispensing waterproof process:

The YM connectors undergo an automatic dispensing waterproof process internally. Shine Industry Electric employs automated dispensing machines to apply fluid adhesive directly to the gaps in connector assembly. After a period of natural or thermal curing, a waterproof sealing layer is formed within the connector gaps, providing a higher level of waterproof sealing. The use of fully automated dispensing equipment ensures efficient, precise, and consistent dispensing quality, thereby guaranteeing the high reliability of the product’s waterproof performance.

To achieve better waterproof performance, the YM series connectors utilize silicone adhesives with superior weather resistance for the dispensing process.

Stringent high-standard professional waterproof testing for each batch:

Waterproof testing for electrical connectors must be conducted according to waterproof testing standards and corresponding IP ratings. Shine Industry Electric has authorized UL and TUV witnessed laboratories that perform professional waterproof testing on the YM series waterproof connectors.

The YM series products have passed UL certification Type 6p protection level tests and TUV IP67 tests for different protection levels. These tests ensure that the YM series industrial connectors can be used in various climate conditions for extended periods while maintaining high waterproof performance.


The YM series M12 4 pin industrial connectors from Shine Industry Electric exhibit exceptional waterproof performance, which has been analyzed in detail above. Not only do they excel in waterproofing, but they also demonstrate outstanding performance in various other aspects.

Shine Industry Electric’s YM series connectors provide reliable and high-level waterproof performance, making them a preferred choice for applications in challenging environments.