Where To Buy Tiger Eye Beads In Bulk?

Tiger Eye Beads

Intertwined with growths of moganite and quartz, tiger eye beads are regarded as a gemstone of power, omnipotence, and vigilance and are deemed fit for a king. Its appearance to the eye makes it brings good luck and charm to the wearer. Hence tiger eye beads wholesale is a great way to enter the crystal sale market.

When light shines upon these naturally occurring wholesale crystals, they shine and give the effect of a cat eye and that’s how it gets its name. Also observed as a stone of the heavens, the tiger eye beads are a huge attraction when it comes to the jewelry market or even as a healing crystal. If you are looking forward to becoming a crystal wholesale supplier, then tiger eye beads wholesale is a great place to start from.

Frequently used in making bracelets and deemed as an accent for fancy watches, tiger eye beads are a hot seller for the fashion market as they seek to make chic fashion pieces for the world. Their golden brown hues make them the perfect gemstone to be embedded in both’ gold and silver jewelry.

However, the New Year can be the perfect time for you to start tiger eye beads wholesale as tiger beads have enticing healing properties associated with them. Ever since ancient times, the tiger eye beads have been associated with sun war and are considered a symbol of power. Its eye-like appearance also makes it symbolic of someone who is vigilant and keeps a lookout for everything.

The best way to identify a real tiger eye bead is by observing its chatoyancy which is a visual effect obtained by cutting a tiger eye bead at a certain angle and then shining a light on it.

It’s also believed to cleanse your chakras, and make you more spiritual connecting you better to the heavens. Since the new year is the time, everyone makes resolutions and promises to be better health, and sprit-wise, tiger eye beads wholesale can be a great market idea at such a time.

Let’s visit some tiger eye beads wholesale suppliers:

 Intrinsic Trading:

A leading manufacturer ever since the early 2000s, intrinsic trading expertly mines and crafts gemstones and crystals creating beautiful jewelry pieces out of them. Be it pendants or matching bracelets, earrings, or even buttons, Intrinsic Trading has some great pieces to check out. They also sell tiger eye beads wholesale for those who want to buy bulk crystals for further reselling.


Home to over 3 million sellers, Made-in-China is an online wholesale market for nearly everything you need. You can find tiger eye beads wholesale here at great prices and with the options of multiple sellers, you can compare and choose which wholesale supplier is best for your business.

You can find ready-made tiger eye beads crafts here or just order tiger eye beads wholesale to create crafts yourself.

House of gems:

If you are looking for strings of tiger eye beads to buy, then House of gems is your go-to place. Cut into various shapes and arranged in strings for people to buy tiger eye beads wholesale, house of gems is a great supplier of various crystals and gemstones in bulk.


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