5 Best Solar Backup Generators In 2023

solar backup generator

In today’s world, where access to uninterrupted power is essential, having a reliable backup generator can be a game-changer. Solar backup generators have emerged as a sustainable and efficient solution among the various options available. If you’re considering investing in a solar backup generator, this article presents the 5 best options available in the market.

Duracell Portable Power Station 1000W

Duracell Portable Power Station 1000W is a reliable and efficient power solution designed to provide hours of uninterrupted power for your essential devices. With a wattage of 1000 watts and a voltage of 120 volts, this power station offers a robust power source for various small electronics, laptops, mobile devices, and more.

It has versatility in recharging options. Aside from using a standard wall outlet, you can recharge it using solar panels (sold separately) or car-lit ports. This flexibility ensures that you can keep your power station charged even during extended power outages, giving you peace of mind.

With multiple ports available, you can power multiple devices simultaneously, making it ideal when you need to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Whether you’re at home or on the go, this power station offers convenience and comfort.


  • Reliable Power That Lasts
  • Quick And Flexible Recharging
  • Power Multiple Devices At Once
  • Green Power Supply
  • Transportable

MARBERO 88Wh Portable Power Station

MARBERO 88Wh Portable Power Station is a reliable and versatile solar generator designed to provide power on the go. With its compact and lightweight design, measuring just 6.5 x 4.6 x 3.1 inches and weighing 2.4 pounds, this power station is perfect for emergencies at home, camping trips, or any situation where you need portable power. 

Equipped with an 88Wh (24000mAh, 3.7V) capacity, the MARBERO power station offers multiple output options to suit your charging needs. It features 2 QC 3.0 USB ports (18W max), 2 USB ports (5V 2.4A), 1 USB C port (PD2.0, 18W max), 1 DC port (12-16.8V / 10A, 13A max), and 1 two-pole and one three-pole output socket (80W running, 120W peak). This enables you to power various devices such as cell phones, tablets, cameras, radios, USB-powered night lights, mini fans, and camping scanners, as long as they stay within 80W power consumption.

In addition to its charging capabilities, this power station also features a built-in 3-level brightness LED flashlight with two lighting modes: steady light and flashing light (SOS mode). This ensures you have a reliable light source during camping trips or power outages, providing added convenience and safety.

The MARBERO power station offers two recharging methods for your convenience. You can fully charge it in 5 hours using the AC adapter and an AC outlet. Alternatively, you can harness the power of the sun by charging it with a MARBERO solar panel (15V-24V, 1.2A).

Safety is a top priority with the MARBERO power station. It is equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS) that allows for voltage control, temperature control, and other advanced safety operations. The cooling vents on the back help regulate temperature and prevent damage to the internal electrical components caused by overheating. Additionally, it features multiple protection features such as short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, and over-load protection, ensuring the safety of both the power station and your connected devices.


  • Portable & Compact
  • Multi-Output
  • Emergency Lights
  • Two Recharging Modes
  • Secured & Assured

Jackery Solar Generator Explorer 500

Jackery Solar Generator Explorer 500 is a remarkable portable power station designed for outdoor and home adventures. Its enduring power supply is made possible by the lithium-ion battery pack, encased within a sturdy frame structure. With a capacity of 518 watt-hours (24Ah, 21.6V), this power station is ready to fuel a wide range of appliances, including mini coolers, fans, projectors, lamp lights, and even televisions.

One of its standout features is the support for pass-through charging. Equipped with 1 AC outlet (110V, 500W, 1000W Peak), 3 USB-A ports, 2 DC ports, and 1 carport, this power station allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Additionally, the Battery Management System ensures the longevity of each individual cell, optimizing the battery life cycle while enabling pass-through charging.

Portability is key, as it shares the same dimensions as a basketball. The solid handle makes it easy to carry, offering convenience and reliability for various scenarios such as camping, road trips, RV adventures, and home backup situations. 


  • Long Lasting Endurance
  • The Perfect Capacity
  • Support Pass-Through Charging
  • Designed For Portability

ALLWEI Portable Power Station 300W

ALLWEI Portable Power Station 300W is a versatile and reliable power solution designed to enhance your outdoor experiences. With its compact dimensions of 9×4.7×7.8 inches and lightweight construction, weighing just 6.5 pounds, this portable power station is built for convenience and portability. Whether you’re camping, engaging in outdoor activities, or seeking an emergency power supply, the ALLWEI power station has got you covered.

Equipped with a substantial capacity of 280Wh/78000mAh and a peak power output of 600W, this power station delivers ample power to meet your needs. It features two AC PURE SINE WAVE outlets, a 110V/60Hz input, a car cigarette lighter socket, three DC ports, two USB-A ports, and a USB-C fast-charging PD60W port, allowing you to charge up to nine devices simultaneously. From drones and tablets to laptops and CPAP machines, this power station is perfect for a wide range of devices, making it an excellent companion for road trips and outdoor adventures.

The ALLWEI power station offers multiple charging options to ensure you’re never without power. You can recharge it using a ALLWEI 100W solar panel (sold separately) for a quick 3-4 hour charge in full sunlight. Alternatively, you can connect it to an AC wall outlet or a 12V/24V car socket, both of which take approximately 5.5-6.5 hours to fully charge the power station. Additionally, the power station itself can be charged by a generator within the 12V~24V range.

In addition, it has obtained ETL certification and features an advanced battery management system, offering full protection during both the charging and discharging processes. The LCD screen provides real-time information on the power station’s operating status, and its multi-protect system safeguards against short-circuiting, over-current, over-voltage, low-voltage, over-load, and over-heating. The power station’s premium lithium-ion batteries support over 1500 charge cycles, ensuring long-term reliability.


  • Powerful Capacity
  • 4 Charging Way
  • Outstanding Safety Guarantee
  • Multi-Protect System

GENSROCK 300W Portable Power Station

GENSROCK 300W Portable Power Station is a reliable and versatile power source. This portable power station is easy to carry with its folding handle design, measuring just 8.25 x 4.7 x 5.8 inches and weighing only 5.5 pounds. It’s perfect for outdoor adventures or any situation where you require a portable power source.

Equipped with a 222Wh capacity, the GENSROCK power station offers multiple output options to meet your charging requirements. It features 2 QC 3.0 USB ports, 1 USB port (5V 2.4A), 1 USB C port, 3 DC ports (12-15V/15A), and 2 three-pole output sockets (300W running, 330W peak). This allows you to power various devices such as laptops, car refrigerators, CPAP machines, cell phones, tablets, cameras, radios, night lights, and mini fans, as long as their power consumption stays under 330W.

In addition to its power capabilities, this power station has a 3-level brightness LED flashlight. With steady light and SOS modes, the flashlight is useful during camping trips or power outages.

The GENSROCK power station offers three convenient recharging methods. You can fully charge it via the AC outlet using the included adapter in just 5 hours. Alternatively, you can utilize solar energy by connecting a solar panel (15V-24V, 2.5A) for charging (solar panel not included). For those on the move, the power station can be charged using the 24V socket of your car and the car charger.

Whether camping, experiencing a power outage, or simply needing emergency power at home, this portable and feature-packed power station has got you covered.


  • Portable & Compact
  • LED Lights
  • Three Recharging Modes
  • Secured & Assured
  • Multi-Output


Solar backup generators are an excellent investment for those seeking a reliable and sustainable power source. The five options discussed in this article all provide reliable performance, convenience, and eco-friendliness. We hope that it will help you make an informed decision and select the solar backup generator that suits your needs.